Insulation should provide energy savings, sustainability, air quality, safety, durability, and comfort. The economic value of spray foam insulation lasts of the lifetime of a building to maintain the environmental needs of future generations.


Builder Benefits:

Simplified construction

xtreme-foam-06Installing spray foam in between the studs will meet all R-value, air barrier, and water vapour retarder requirements.

HVAC Equipment Cost Saving

Tightening the building envelope can lead to energy savings of up to 50% and may allow cost reductions from smaller HVAC systems. Moving the attic thermal boundary to the underside of the roof deck creates a conditioned space for air handling units and ductwork to operate more efficiently.

Flexibility in Framing

High aged R-value of over 6 per inch, permits stud and rafter size reduction to increase living space and cost.

Enhanced Durability

Wall racking strength is up to three times stronger than conventional insulation in framed walls.

Approved Applicators

FOAM-LOCK™ applicators invest in materials that have multiple characteristics in one finished product, allowing builders to achieve several requirements at once.

Wind Uplift Resistance

The installation of Closed Cell Spray Foam to the underside of the roof sheathing increases the wind uplift resistance by over 100%.

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